Beautiful Baby Blue And Gold Macaw With Huge Cage Sad Sale - €200


Beautiful Baby Blue And Gold Macaw With Huge Cage Sad Sale
Beautiful 9 months old male macaw for sale very playful bird and loves to socialize with both male and female trust me when i come home he says hiiii and hello also when i pit my hand up and say come on he instantly comes and he also repeats the word come on he has a very large cage but

He likes sitting by the window and has his hyper time and he is very playful and extremely cuddly he still acts like a baby. And turns upside down when u tickle under his wings he like to eat porrige about once a week but don't microwave it i use hot water and he eats it like a baby literally. He is so cute. I am very sad to sell this bird as he always makes us all happy but due to unforeseen circumstances it looks like we have to give him away to a loving home. He really likes sleeping on top of us and he needs a lot of iitime so its better if u spend a lot of time at home. His remaining food will also follow.
Please don't offer silly offers cuz i'm already upset selling him.

  • Publish Date: 01-07-2019 19:04:16
  • Contact name: Rachel Clunies-Ross Liau
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  • Price: €200