Persian Ragdoll kittens - €300


Both parents are here to be seen.1MALE AND 1 FEMALE LEFT we also have a kitten that we kept from their last litter so you can see what they grow into, which is truly breathtaking!
Dad is our stunning GCCF registered seal point Ragdoll with the most amazing blue eyes, thick fluffy coat and when it comes to his temperament, he has one of the best iv ever known. A classic floppy lap cat ragdoll that also carries the chocolate brown Gene.
Mum is our beautiful GCCF registered Chinchilla Persian. She has a think long snow white coat and is a real head turner.
All kittens have been raised in a busy family environment with two dogs, other cats and children. All kittens have been checked over by our vet along side both mum and dad and are in excellent health.
All kittens will have been regularly wormed with Panacure from the age of 2 weeks old in two weekly intervals up until they are ready for their new homes at 12 weeks of age. They will all leave with 4 weeks free pet plan insurance for that added peace of mind.
Only 5 star homes will be accepted for these beautiful kittens. They will be sold to STRICTLY indoor homes only due to the dog like nature and trusting adventurous nature of both Ragdolls and Persians not to mention these cats will be very desirable and likely stolen if allowed to roam outside alone. Both breeds are renowned for not being street wise and are best kept as pampered pets with indoor climbs, toys and stimulation. These kittens have been lovingly raised underfoot along side children and dogs.
All kittens are born fluffy, even those of short/smooth haired cats, this fluffy coat slowly disappears as the cat ages if they are not bred by at least one long haired cat so please be ware of fluffy kittens being advertised with short haired parents. Our kittens will remain long and fluffy and their coats will become thicker with age as both mum and dad have thick fluffy adult coats. Regular brushing is a must! Please don't hesitate to get in touch. No kittens will be sold to buyers who do not bring a secure cat carrier to safely transport their baby home in.

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