+A Grade Arowana's and Koi Available


We have quality and healthy +A Grade Arowana's for sale at affordable
prices. Each of these fish is equipped with chip & certificate to
comply with CITES. We have been in the market for 15 years now as an
arowana hobbyist, and now we grow the best arowana brands, well known in
International markets. we have the following types of Arowana's......

Green Asian Arowana
Banjar Red Arowana,
Red Tail Golden,
Qian Hu Red Tail Golden,
Panda Gold Arowna,
High Back Red Tail Golden,
Red Tail Golden Splendour,
Chilli Red Arowana,
Super Red Arowana,
Chilli Red Arowana,
Crossback Golden Arowana,
Violet Fusion Super Red,

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