First Quality Freshwater Aquarium Fishes Available for Sale


We are wholesale and retails suppliers of first grade Aquarium Fishes .
we supply best quality arowana fishes and Freshwater Sting Ray fishes of
all type/specie.

We currently have in stock: Golden Crossback, Super Red, green and blue,
24k Gold, Red tail golden(RTG), Platinum arowana, Chili red, Asian red,
Leichardti Arowana, jardini arowana, saltwater fish, silver, black,
Voilet Fusion, Banjer Red, Malysian Gold Base, Black Juvenile, Malaysian
Gold Blue Base, Australian Pearl, Albino Arowana, Golden Red and many
others for sale.....all equipped with certificates and cites permit.

Available Sting ray : Boesemani, Leopoldi, Henlei, Bachyura,Pearl,Black
dianmond, Itaituba, Orbgnya, scobina, magdalenae, motoro, rosette River,
Verniculete river
stingray, ocellate River Stingray, Potamotrygon Yepezi, Potamotrygon
and Signata Otorongo Ray.

All our fishes are fully certified and licensed for sale, We can ship to
any part of the world without any problems being encountered. Discount
is allow for resellers. Quality control before transportation. Our
prices are very moderate comparing to others.

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